website updates

Getting my ducks in a row

Finally, I’ve got all my ducks in a row here at Spa Jewellery HQ! Another full day of tweaking the website, fuelled only by earl grey tea and the remainder of my giant bounty easter egg left over from yesterday (we declared an emergency easter here yesterday due to the fact that I had a sore throat, and we didn’t know whether I would live to see another easter…. I’m pleased to report that the sore throat has now subsided and I’m back on top form today-phew!). So today’s job was painstakingly filling in a multitude of shipping variations for jewellery and print items for sale on the website, I could have bought a plugin to do this, but I’m tight, so I thought I’d spend the day doing it (and give myself a migraine) instead for free! Anyway more updates soon, tomorrows job is working on adding some of my larger jewellery products, such as bangles, and possibly some non-jewellery items such as engraved glassware. Stay healthy, Jenny